First Congregational Church

Worship on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM

Office (weekdays 8:00 - 12:00)  533-2483
On the Corner of  Bird and Oak Streets Just west of historic Downtown Oroville.
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First Congregational Church

Our Faith

Our approach to faith allows freedom, and this freedom itself creates ways in which we are generally consistent within our church and distinct from many other churches. The Bible is our guide, and we respect the responsibility of each person to interpret scripture according to their own best understanding and conscience. We trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in our agreements and our differences. We look for the meaning of the stories and teachings of the Bible, and do not insist that everything in the Bible actually happened- or will happen. We give thanks for salvation by God's grace, made known in Jesus Christ, and do our best to live, love, and understand as followers of Christ. Many of our members understand prophecy as poetic or metaphorical expressions of the deeper truths of God's judgement and grace.

Our faith, though definitely in the Christian tradition, is modern in the sense that we do not set aside contemporary ways of thinking and understanding. We do not ask people to pretend to conform, but rather to find a believable perspective that can provide a basis for faithful living in today's world. Among other things, this means that we take an interest in responding to poverty, injustice, violence, and suffering-- here in the community and around the globe.

A lawyer asked Jesus about which commandment was the greatest. "Love God", said Jesus, "and love your neighbor as yourself."   The lawyer asked him to define "neighbor", and Jesus told a story about a man who helped an injured stranger, even though he was of a differing nationality, ethnic group, and religion. This is the sort of faithfulness, hope, and love in which we help each other grow.

We are thankful to be a part of the United Church of Christ